1900 Established Rising Sun Oil Company
(Began transportation of petroleum products by Uyeno Group)
1948 Changed company name from Rising Sun Oil Company to Shell Oil Company
1963 Established Shell Kagaku Seihin Hanbai
1964 Established Nippon Teepol
1967 Established Shell Kagaku
1968 Changed company name from Shell Kagaku Seihin Hanbai to Shell Kosan
1970 Opened Kakegawa Plant
1979 Established Yuka Shell Epoxy
1983 Opened Himeji Chemical Terminal
1985 Merged Shell Oil Company and Showa Oil to form Showa Shell Sekiyu
1987 Established Shell JSR Elastomers
Opened Yokohama Chemical Terminal
1991 Opened Tsukuba Laboratory
1992 Merged Shell Kosan and Shell Kagaku etc. to form Shell Japan
1995 Opened Kashima EPS Plant
1996 Office relocation to Daiba Frontier Building
1999 Established Japan Chemtech, which is 70 percent owned by Uyeno Group and 30 percent owned by Shell Japan
2001 Changed company name from Shell Japan to Shell Chemicals Japan accompanying business integration with Shoseki Kasei, which is chemical products sales company of Showa Shell Sekiyu
2018 Changed company name to Oxalis Chemicals depending on takeover its entire shares by Uyeno Group
2019 Merged Oxalis Chemicals and Japan Chemtech to form new “Oxalis Chemicals”
2020 Office relocation to Kasumigaseki Building

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