Environment & Safety Activities


As a member of Uyeno group, Oxalis Chemicals pursuer Ueno Safety policy “Protecting the environment through accident-free operation is critical to the mission of Uyeno Group, and one of the most important factors in gaining the trust of our customers..” As a distributor handling chemical products, we set Commitment and Policy on Health, Safety, Security, the Environment and Social Performance (HSSE & SP). In line with the policy, we embed HSSE & SP management system to strive to contribute the sustainable development.
  • Health

    Oxalis Chemicals collaborates closely with our business partners to build a strong safety culture, leading to handling Oxalis chemical products in high standard safety working environment.
  • Safety

    “No accidents is vital for business continuity. Today’s accident-free operations give wings to a sustainable tomorrow.”
    To achieve No Incident in our business activities every single day in domestic and Asian market, we set Safety Management system to meet high safety global standard. All employees and stakeholders working with us comply with the safety standards when delivering products each day. We deliver the products by utilizing delivery network with Uyeno group high safety standards established in the expertise in marine transportation operations and land transportation operations among Uyeno group businesses.
  • Security

    We comply with Ueno group security policy and set business contingency plan to respond crisis and disasters.
  • Environment

    Across a supply chain from production to delivering of the products, we will strive to protect the environment and contribute the sustainable development of the society.
    We supply environmental friendly products to Japanese market, such as paraffinic solvents and process oils which are manufactured by using GTL (Gas To Liquid) process, an advanced technology to produce from natural gases to liquid materials.
    At product transportation and storage, we strictly comply with environmental regulations involving air, water & soil to protect the earth, and collaborate with all stakeholders to facilitate the green actions.
  • Social Performance

    We take care of Responsible Care (RC) activities, which are self-initiated activities in the chemical industry to ensure environmental conservation, health and safety. We share product hazard information with stakeholders through SDS, Yellow Card & engagements to contribute for safer product handling across the entire supply chain.

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