• Higher Olefins
    The Higher Olefins Division focuses on trading higher olefins and their derivatives imported from Shell group who has had some achievements and experiences since entering into the market in the 1940’s.
  • Solvent & Industrial Chemicals
    Paint industry of Japan was resumed after the second world war with solvents imported by Shell which is the predecessor of our company and our solvent business has developed together with the paint industry.
  • Performance Chemicals
    Product line-up of the Performance Chemicals Division covers a wide range of fields including process chemicals that are essential for refinery and chemical plant operations, fuels, lubricants, automobiles, household appliances and precision mechanical equipment, and daily raw materials for cosmetics and adhesives. There are many highly differentiated products to meet the specific needs of a niche market.
  • New Business Development
    The New Business Development Division is engaged in import and export of new products and developing our business in other countries especially Asia.

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