Oxalis Chemicals

Oxalis Chemicals Ltd. was newly formed by the merger with Japan Chemtech Ltd. as a joint venture between Uyeno Kohsan Ltd. and former Shell Chemicals Japan Ltd. in April 2019, following the Uyeno Group’s acquisition of shares of Shell Chemicals Japan Ltd. in October 2018.
We are a chemical trading company providing general-purpose petrochemical products, functional chemicals and specialty chemicals as well as import/export, storage and delivery services. We also handle trading of Shell branded products as the sole distributor of Shell Chemicals in Japan. Integrating our specialized expertise and network that we have cultivated through our global business and Uyeno Group’s total distribution system has enabled us to enhance our value chain as a Total Chemicals Distribution Company.

We are committed to provide services and solutions by taking advantage of our expertise and originality with aiming to become a company trusted and supported by all our stakeholders including customers and suppliers.
As a good corporate citizen, we strive to contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our business with a high level of attention to environmental protection, safety and health with Uyeno Group.

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